AUGUST 15:  Our final day in the city was a Monday, which meant that some museums and destinations were closed.  We were lucky, though, as the place Lucy was determined to revisit was not only open, but it also has FREE ADMISSION on Mondays.  So after a morning during which Lucy accompanied David to his office, we took the subway to Gamla Stan to the Kungliga Myntkabinettet (The Royal Coin Cabinet).  I have lost track of how many times I have visited this wonderful place.  I always enjoy it, although I have yet to see many of the exhibits.  This afternoon was no exception.  While Thomas wanted to do a special children’s hunt throughout the museum using a guide in Swedish, the other two kids begged to go directly upstairs to the children’s room.

On top of the pirate ship
There are multiple ways to enter and climb on this beast

After playing on the boat and with other interactive exhibits in the children’s room, Lucy and Isaac settled in to do some writing and coloring.

They sat at this same table when they were 3 years old

Meanwhile, Thomas’ hunt took quite a lot of time, as he explored various exhibits on several floors of the museum.  By the time he and David made it to the children’s room, it was around 4 pm (16:00).  We hadn’t noticed the closing time when we entered, but we knew that it must be either 16:00 or 17:00.  When the guard came around and started turning off the lights and shooing us out, we realized it was the earlier one.  That meant no time for browsing in the gift shop, but I feel certain we will have another chance in the future.

After scurrying down a couple flights of marble stairs, we retrieved our backpack from a locker and walked towards the T-Centralen subway station.  It was a nice walk and it gave us time to stop for outdoor snacks.

There’s is always something for kids to do

I actually got chilly and had to put on my jacket.  Lovely!  I doubt I will feel that delightful temperature again until sometime in October.

Next we took a short subway ride to a park near David’s office.  He ran to pick up a few things while the kids and I played on the playground.  The kids played themselves red faced, having found some 4th or 5th grade Swedish boys to run around with them.

Lucy was able to slide down this fire pole, a HUGE accomplishment!

After nearly two hours, we started the playground extraction process and began the walk to dinner.  We were heading for an Asian restaurant that we’d never managed to locate in the past.  It should have been an easy walk from this particular park.  But when we got to the intersection where we were expecting to find it, the restaurant wasn’t there.  David used his phone to look up the address, thinking that maybe we were just off by a street.  Nope.  It turns out that the place had moved to a completely different and distant part of the city from where we were standing.  Thus began our search for some place kid friendly and easy.  We went with a pasta place again, knowing that the kids were extra hungry from all that play and knowing how much they love pasta.

Pasta with meat sauce, cranberry juice, and pizza salad

After dinner, we decided on a whim to take the #2 Sophia bus, a bus we took all the time back when we lived at the Wenner Gren Center in 2009.  The #2 runs right near our current apartment, so it was the perfect choice for our return.  Plus we got to see the city go by, something we miss by taking the subway.

Thomas listening for the stops, eager to press the button

We all got to bed a little later than we’d hoped, but we didn’t have to get up too terribly early the next morning.  At least not at the crack of dawn like when we take the London flight (that thing is EARLY!).